Creepy Mines 2


The return of the spooky diamonds:
Creepy mines 2 is a not classic brick game, various new elements have been added to make the gameplay amazing.

The Goal Is Simple:
You need to destroy all the spooky diamonds in each stage to proceed to the next stage and continue your way through the 5 different levels.
- for PPC and INTEL based MAC
- Cool 3D graphics
- Original soundtrack
- 130 stages
- 5 levels
- 4 real big Bosses
- Awesome power-ups
- Adjustable game speed
- Online high-scores

Systeme Requirement
Mac OS X up to 10.11, G3 400Mhz, 16Mb video card

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Creepy Mines 2


DanLabGames is a French graphic studio founded in 2002. Based near Bergerac, this studio is composed by a team of clones who share the same DNA borowed from Labriet Daniel.

i'm a game developer with over 12 years of experience and a deep understanding of the full game development process. Simplicity & quality is the key. I'm currently focusing developing games with WebGL+Javascript.

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